Sunday, November 02, 2008

On Guys

One of the frustrating things about where I work is the dearth of guys. I don't mean guys who could be "prospects" but guys who are good friends. There is one male teacher (other than Dr. J but as he's admin I don't really count him) at school and he's married so one can't really hang out with him ya know? Having two brothers and no sisters, I'm used to having guys around. Plus, I had some awesome guy friends in University. I really miss that interaction with guys on a regular basis. There are a few guys at church but I only see them on Sundays (and some Wednesdays), plus I don't know them well enough to say "hey, lets go get coffee or something." Knowing I'd get teased to no end buy the other teachers is also a drawback. Every time I talk to one of the guys at church for more than a min. I get teased. I don't mind it so much, but at the same time, can I not just be friends with a guy with out having to worry about being teased about him (or worse yet, that he's being teased about me and will therefore maybe start avoiding me)? Don't get me wrong; I love the teachers I work with, there's just too much estrogen around. I'm really not looking for a boyfriend. Just a guy I can hang out with and have the kind of conversation you have with guys. I miss stupid guy humour and behaviour. I like how they are just themselves and are not as...girly. You know how we girls are; underneath all friendships is that...thing...where things can get ugly very quickly with girls. With guys its not like that (at least not in my experience).

I also miss guy hugs. There are some guys at 4th (where my parents go to Church) who'll give me hugs when I'm there. I miss those. There's something about a hug from a guy that is very comforting. Even when it's just a "Hi" hug.

So, to those wonderful men with whom I hung out in University (and my dear brothers) and those of you at 4th whom I love and adore: I miss you tonnes and I really appriceate you!

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