Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year! (almost)

Time for the traditional wishing of the Lunar New Year! We are leaving the Year of the Rat and entering the Year of the Ox so if you are turning a multiple of 12 this year you are an Ox. The actual LNY is Sunday I think, but we have Monday and Tuesday off which makes for a happy me. The teachers actually don't really have plans this year. I'm good with that; I need to clean.

Not too much to report; exams are FINALLY over and graded and all that. The week of exams (second week of Jan) was the coldest week of the year; well below freezing all week, tho not as cold as my parents had it; -25*F!!! The first two days of the week the heat was broken in both my apartment and on the High School floor. The students and teachers wore their jackets and stuff in an attempt to thaw. I would go home and sit in front of my space heater with many clothing layers, blankets and tea and watch movies. I also lived on eggs that week; I had picked some up on the weekend meaning to get more groceries later but it was too cold to go out!! So eggs it was. I'm glad I like eggs. Wednesday the HS was working on Thursday my heat was as well so I was fine. Good thing I don't mind the cold. It had gotten warmer this past week but today it's cold again, but not as bad as it had been.

I made a decision/leap of faith to stay one more year. I do want to see my boys through their last year. They were thrilled. Max suggested that I teach them one class and spend the rest of the day making food for them. I told him Mrs. J might have something to say about that. I think teacher-wise next year's gonna be fun; a friend is most likely going to come teach and she and I will live together if she does. Jessica is staying too which I am happy about. Other than staying for the boys I don't know really how I feel about being here one more year. I mean, something about being here one more year is a little depressing. It's difficult to explain.

OH! I'm down another kilogram! I have a denim jacket that zipped but was a tidge snug; not anymore!!! It's not too big yet but maybe next season...

That's really it. Nothing too exciting. More later maybe after the weekend's over.

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Rebecca said...

Great post! Dad says you will have lots of Air miles (:
Love ya - do you want to call - my tomorrow morning? Or talk on compy our tonight?
Glad you ahve made the descision - sometimes that is the hardest part.