Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stuff 'n' Things

So I'm back home. Or to what amounts as home for now. I left my apartment kind of a mess and have added substantially to it since my return, not quite a week ago. I do not anticipate being able to rectify that until Lunar New Year, at the end of this month.

It's nice to be back to the familiar routine. I really missed my kids. We got two more teachers this semester. Daniel and Charity Moorehead are newlyweds from...I think...Kansas. Charity is Mylinda's sister and the final Pritt sister to come to SCS. There are four Pritt sisters and now all of them have taught here at one time or another. The Pritt girls are quite attractive (the HS boys have all had crushes on Mylinda at some point or another) and poor Charity got all sorts of awed reactions on her first day. I think both Mooreheads will be a good addition to the school. My boys have Daniel for Pre-Calc and they like him so far. The Mooreheads have a blog you might be interested in. I've added it to the "Oriental Blogs" section to the left.

I lost all three of my girls over break. I knew Stacy was leaving (I think our school was a bit too hard for her) and knew Cindy was thinking about it. Stacy never came back from break nor did Rebecca. Cindy's last day was Monday (maybe Tuesday?). I figured that Rebecca would not return if the other two left and I was right. She also is quite involved in music stuff (I know she takes voice lessons and I think violin) and she was wanting to focus more on that than she was able to. So now it's just my three boys and we are getting a new guy sometime after finals. I've not met him but apparently he has been to school in the US his entire life so I'm not too concerned as to how he'll do academically.

I got a cold three days into the week and have been living on Ny/DayQuill and teas. I'm positive that I've ingested more tea in the last three days than I did all 2008; 5 cups yesterday alone. I'm glad I stocked up on it when I was home over break. I still have to write exams and get some grading done, yet all I wanna do is curl up in bed with a book, tea and a cat. Oh well, it is not to be.

Ok, back to writing exams. Hopefully I'll have Chem done by the time I'm supposed to meet Jess to go shopping. I need new gloves and hat as my old ones are getting holes. I am also looking for skirts. Some of my old ones are TOO BIG! (YAY!!) The one I wore yesterday almost fell off a few times. Gotta be careful on those stairs.

Ok, really now; back to Chem. But first, a cup of tea. Rooibos Pomegranate maybe?

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Rebecca said...

Get well! Let me knwo if you need more tea.