Friday, January 30, 2009

Money money money

Something fun first: you ever heard about the Forbes Fictional 15? Make sure you see the "in pictures" parts of the article.

So in the battle of South Korean Won vs. American Dollar the USD is losing. 1,300+ SKW are equal to $1 USD. When I first got to Korea I was getting $1 USD for about 920 SKW. Thats not including the chunk the banks would take if I were transferring money to the US. If it helps, think of 1,000 SKW here gets you about what $1 USD gets you in the US. I lose more in money exchange than I pay in monthly bills. That is, when I do exchange into USD. So could you please please please pray that the exchange rate adjusts itself to be a little better? I still have a school bill to pay and it gets rough when the rate does that. Least its not as bad as it was; it was 1,400 in like October and for about a week in the fall it was 1,600.

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Anonymous said...

oh the joy of bieng a bill paying adult