Friday, February 13, 2009

I Liiiiiiiiive!!

Sorry I've not been posting lately. Things have not really been that interesting. Or, rather there have been interesting things but nothing I can blog about. Let's just say that some people have....interesting....views on things in scripture. For example: Did you know that Esther was out of the will of God when she married whatshisnose and we know this because God is not mentioned in the book? I'll leave it there.

Things have been slow. We dissected frogs in Life Science but it was not as interesting as it was last year. The kids were not as active with their frogs this year as some of them were last year. Ummm...we had some contests on our floor for the kids to get house points but my blessed homeroom boys won't get's not out of a bad attitude, it's just not their thing. Linda and I are trying to get them involved somehow we just can't think of anything.

Uhmmmm, thats really it. Sorry it's not as exciting as my posts usualy are. There's just nothing to report. It's spring, everything's slow.

It was a rainy/gloomy day today. I liked it. No electric storm tho....mmmm...any other randomness I can tell you to drag this post out with?

OOH! Got an early birthday boxen!! From Rhonda; CSI:NY season 3 (squeee!!), Shrek 2 and other random fun things. Already gone through all of CSI:NY. Time to start back at the begining.

Something else!! You might be interested in this. It's a blog/writing assignment Jessica has the kids in grade 11 and 12 doing for grammar. They are watching "The Question of God" in class on Mondays (I think) and she's having them...well, you can go look at it and see for yourself.

Ok, I'm really done now.

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