Thursday, February 26, 2009


The won is getting weaker; it's now at more than 1,500 won for $1 US. Ick. The reason is that apparently people here are worried that when the Japanese fiscal year begins (in March) that some of the Japanese companies are going to pull out of Korea. So things might get even worse in March. I really hope not. But Lord knows. Thankfully I already have a job for the summer. Joshua being on disability now that he's 18, I can get paid to do what I've done just about my whole life. It's about time that kid started being useful. (= Hopefully, even with the exchange rate killing me I can still be debt free by August. I was hoping by my birthday but thats probably not going to happen now. Oh well. Lord knows. Still, if I am outta debt in August I will have paid off about $20,000 in about 4 years.

One of the things I miss about the US is apple sauce. I love love love apple sauce. I'm not sure why it never occoured to me to make some here but it did not until I noticed Jessica eating some. After my inquiry she said she made it. So now I buy cheap-y apples, cut out the bad spots, cut into quarters, boil for about 20 min then toss into teh blender. Life is happier for it. I usually make 4 pints at a time. 2 "plain" pints (I add cinnamon) and two with something added. The first time I added waslnuts and cinnamon, the second I added strawberries and this last time I added an asian pear. Wonderful each time tho the strawberry kind was the best. I also like to leave the skins on. I'm never buying apple sauce again. Even in the US.

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