Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scary People

So today my second hour French class came in with a story of a guy who was in the office and apparently rather angry. He was the father of a kid in grade 5 and apparently the kid was claiming he had been bullied and the father was....upset. I'm not too clear on the details but it would seem that the kid situation was typical grade six boy antics, nothing too major. Just one of those "Make sure you're not a little punk." events. Well, anyway, the dad...yeh. According to eyewitnesses he was hitting things and they were afraid he was going to hit the secretary (the Johnsons were not there yet). He did apparently hit his wife across the chest at some point (I'm also not clear on the time line). We heard him trying to run up the stairs during second hour but Lisa had locked the doors so he could not get into the actual floors. Daniel and Jason had to physically restrain him at some point as well. Daniel still had some slight red marks on his arm from where the man had grabbed him. Daniel is not small, he's over 6 foot and I'm guessing in the vicinity of 220 lbs. Only a fool would try to attack him. Which this guy apparently was. Eventually the police took the guy away but the school agreed to let him come back at the end of the day (hoping he'd be calm) to see about getting things fixed. Daniel and Jason determined to be in the office when that happened just in case. When Daniel came up around 4:30 he said the father had not calmed down. Apparently he had been pushing things over and other such violence. Tho it seemed that he did not get as personally violent this time. Not sure how it ended, the police were there again when I left. I'm sure I'll know tomorrow. I'll let you know when I know anything. I'm sure Daniel will post something on his blog about it eventually. There's a link over there on the left. No one got majorly hurt which is a blessing. At least not before I had left...

We have Monday off (nothing related to this; March 1st is a holiday so we get the 2nd off this year since the 1st is a Sunday). I am greatly pleased.

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