Friday, April 24, 2009

For it is God...

These past weeks have been busy, we are in the home stretch of classes. Monday starts the last half of the last quarter.

Some of you know this already and others don't so please bear with me if you are already "in the know".

Thursday I got a note in my box asking me to meet with the admin for a conference after school. The short of it is that, for reasons that I am unable go into, nor do I care to detail, they are not going to renew my contract next year. Apparently my principal was wanting to keep me, which I am happy about. I had only given them a verbal yes, nothing as of yet had been signed. So as of this moment I shall be returning to the US permanently this June. They are being more than generous with me, paying for extra luggage and for me to get the cat back as well as other things.

To be honest this is rather a relief; I see myself moving in such a direction that I was not sure if I was going to be able to fully support the school next year and was foreseeing a rather uncomfortable at the least year starting in the fall. The only reason I was going to stay was for my boys (more on them in a second). There are no hard feelings on my end and it seems that there are none on theirs as well so thus far all is good.

I have lots ahead of me; obviously I am going to need a job and other such minor things. I would settle for a rich husband if push came to shove....Thankfully I will be debt free when I get back to the US and have a little cash on hand, maybe enough for a down payment on a car. It's just the job thing that has me curious; I don't have a marketable skill (I did not major in teaching) and with the economy the way it is...but hey, God'd not get me outta this job if He did not already have one for me is my thinking. Still, I am apprehensively curious. If you're wondering, I'm looking to settle in the Chicago area but am really open to anything.

Thankfully since finding out about this whole thing I've managed to keep the emotions in check (I dread the last day of school; I hate hate hate crying). I cried a little yesterday and this morning as well. Lots of breathing through the nose and soon things were back to normal. The worst of the crying was when I had to tell my chemistry class. I had told my boys during homeroom and teared up a little then. They were quite upset when I told them, and after making sure I was not teasing them set about trying how to figure out what to do about next year. Earlier in the year when I was still unsure about staying they had said if I did not come back they would not. They were serious, as soon as first hour was over Max and Steve went to the office to see about early graduation (they were thinking of doing their senior year over the summer). Mrs. Johnson came to the room at the end of the day to tell them that both boys had enough credits to graduate this school year!! She is going to check on Jesse's credits and see if she can't get him graduated also. They are too late to get into state schools but she said getting into a Christian school should not be hard. Max was already kind of interested in Bob Jones but the money is the issue (as it is with all of them really). So they are going to be thinking and praying over the weekend and maybe starting college in the fall!! Please especially pray for Max, he really does want to go to BJ but right now can't afford it. If I understand the way visas work he has to have all the money (tuition/room and board) in hand before they will grant him the visa. That's quite a bit of money and with the exchange rate and all it's more. In most cases it's too late for scholarships but he and I are looking to see what we can find. Please please pray that he can get the money! If God wants him there He'll provide but hey, no harm in asking for prayer right??? I'm really clinging to Phil 2:13 right now and have said it to the kids a few times already.

"For it is God who worketh in you both to do and to will His good pleasure."

Life is gonna be interesting for the next while!!

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