Sunday, May 03, 2009

Last Month

We are now in May and are in the last month of school. I know it's cliche to say that time flies but it's true! This year has gone by soooo fast! It also does not seem like I've been in Korea for three years.

The emotions of leaving Korea are as of now gone; I'm becoming more and more glad to leave the more I get used to the idea. There are just some things..... But I know the last day of school is going to be hard. It's ok tho, I'll make it.

I'm looking around for jobs in the US online and it's kinda depressing actually. Having no marketable skill rots ya know? So I'm looking at going back to school for photography. I love love love taking pictures and think it'd be a fun carer. Right now I'm looking at going back to Greenville but not BJU, rather Greenville Tech or other such schools. I have a place to live and some possible job opportunities. I am also going to look around Minneapolis and Chicago when I'm in those locations for the summer. The biggest thing is obviously going to be the job. Just gotta see what God wants ya know? Doing photography would be an investment but I think a worthwhile one.

My boys are indeed going to BJ in the fall (I'm pretty sure). Max is planning on doing Pre-Med and Steve (I think) is going to do Health Fitness and Recreation. Jesse is still unsure what to major in. Max and Jesse are still trying to figure out things financially. All three of them are taking the TOFEL test on the 9th and are nervous about that. I told them not to worry, they are smaet boys and all have pretty good English. Jesse's cute: he's worried about his proununcation but I told him that living in the US will fix that pretty quickly. It would be neat to be in Greenville with them this fall. But again, gotta see what the Lord has in mind.

Job job job....pray pray pray....


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Rebecca said...

Excited to see what our good God has for you.