Saturday, May 09, 2009

On Movies and Brothers

Ok, last weekend I saw Wolverine (even wore my X-Men shirt). Loved. Tonight, I saw Star Trek. Loved more. There was one downer to both movies: no brothers.

My family did not start going to movies until The Lord of the Rings came out. The first theatre I was in was in FL and in the scene at the end of Fellowship of the Ring when Aragorn cuts off the orc's head a little boy yelled out "WOA!! He just cut off his head!!" That now gets said everytime we watch those movies together.

Now our whole family was very familiar with the stories before the movies came out; Dad had read them aloud a few summers previously when on a family vacation and we had the BBC dramatization on CD's. So leaving the theatre we began discussing. Things we liked, things we hated, things that were "interesting" and so on. This is something that continues to this day. We've been to movies with friends and leave talking about it. Our friends usually think we are nuts. We don't nitpick or criticize usually, just talk about details and lines and stuff. We remember lots.

Wolverine and Star Trek are totally movies we'd go see together and talk about. My guess is that Joshua would like the first and not the latter. I think. But I could be wrong. But I think Benjamin and I would pretty much see eye to eye on both and we'd most likely talk Joshua around (he tends to be a purest). I totally missed that last week and tonight. I walked home from the theatre tonight and had to have the conversation in my head. I realized that the drives leaving the movies are some of my favourite memories with my brothers. Can't wait to make more once I'm back!!

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