Thursday, June 11, 2009

Close My Eyes and Leap

So. I'm back in the US. And more than completely overwhelmed. After much thinking and not enough praying (never enough really) this is what I think is going to happen:

Hopefully, by this time in two weeks I'll be in Chicago. Looking online is not the way to get a job if you ask me, It's overwhelming and more than a little depressing.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to live in Chicago. I have no idea why. A friend who lives in one of the 'burbs of Chicago is allowing me to sleep on her couch while I job hunt. I'm thinking I'm going to do a temp agency thing and see where that leads. The plan is to buy a car, load it up and drive to Chicago whereupon I will begin searching. If, after a bit, it seems to be not working out I will head to Greenville and do the same thing there. I'm going in order of desirability of living locations.

So, please pray with me that God will open some doors. I'm kinda excited, kinda overwhelmed, kinda freaked out but hey, God's in control, He has whatever I need eh?

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Becca said...

Woo! I wish you the bestest. At any rate, it will be fun having you around. You will adore my church, I am sure.