Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catching up

This is most likely going to be a long post. Pictures might or might not appear, we'll see how I feel about it.

Ok, graduation first. Which was like, a month ago, if not longer.

This year we has 12 graduates which to date is the largest graduating class of SCS (last year we had one graduate and the year before three). The night of graduation the parents took the teachers out to a nice dinner with the kids. It was fun to just sit and hang out with the kids. But then when is it not?? Then back to school for the actual graduation. The kids were running around getting last second things done, several had to tweak their senior testimonies. Some were rewriting them all together. One kid even asked me "What do I say?" I told him that I was not writing his Sr.Testimony for him and that he had had several weeks to work on it. He did get it done tho.

Graduation itself was good. Steve's testimony was funny, in it he thanked me for my uncontitional love and support then said "...and I am sure that you will find the perfect man." I managed not to cry until the end when people were taking picturesand stuff. I had one of the Korean teachers translate something for me when I went to talk to Max' mum. I started crying then and almost was under control when she hugged me. She was crying when she hugged me and it made it worse. Then Max came over and hugged us both which made me cry more.

The last week of school was exams and the last day was a cleaning/awards day. At the end of the awards chapel the kids all gave me cards and made me cry. It's nice to know that I am loved and will be missed.

Then the last few days were just making sure things were in order. I got school stuff done and did that last minute shopping for things I wanted. actually, for three days Holly Jessica and I went down to the south where they grow the green tea (thats another post). I got most of my stuff done and what I did not finish Merilee was so incredibly sweet to finish for me.

Going to the airport was ok. Again, Merilee was sweet and came with me. I stuck the cat in his carrier and he cried for the entire twoish hour trip to the airport. I was kinda concerend but by the time we got there he had settled down. Max, Angelina and Ronnie came to see me at the airport which was nice. Angelina gave me a sweet note and some pictures. Then it was time to go through security. I cried a little as I went through but quickly composed myself. The flight itself was good, the cat was quiet for the most part, only having a minor crisis for about an hour about two-thirds of the way through the flight. There were no accidents for the duration of the entire trip thankfully. Thanks to those of you who prayed. We made it to MN and shortly after getting home went to bed. The cat is still getting used to the house, just a moment ago actually he came all the way up the stairs and into the dining room. He's ok tho and happy to stay in the basement for the most part. He and the dog have not had too much interaction so there's nothing to tell in that area.

Things have been super busy here; since getting here I've had much to do. During the times I'm not looking online at jobs and cars I've gone and renewed my liscence, gotten a cell phone (it's pretty and purple and stuff!!), and spent too much money on essentials like shampoo, a new hair dryer and the like.

I'm looking in the Chicago and Greenville areas for jobs and have applied online at several places in both locations. I have a great lead on a car that I am hoping to get tonight or tomorrow and after that I am hoping to head to Chicago and get a better feel for the area when it comes to jobs. So we'll see what God has in mind.

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