Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Tea

So for three years I lived in Asia right? Where they drink much in green tea. If you ever look at travel stuff for Korea you will most likely see pictures of the Green tea fields that are in the southern part of the peninsula. Holly Jessica and I decided that we needed to visit the area so the Friday after school got out we took a train to Boesong and went exploring.

The first day we just walked around the area and found a place to eat. I can't recall the name of what we got but there was much sea-life involved. Including whole tiny crabs and squid. Was not a fan of the squid and once you got past the strange crunchiness of the crab they were ok. After that we just hung out at the place where we were staying. We sat on a little platform that overlooked a teeny rice field and drank mango juice and talked till we decided that we wanted to go to bed. Next day the guy who owned the place took us to a small field that was beautiful and had some great views. From there we were able to walk to another one, one that was much larger and is actually often used as a filming location for various movies and television shows. The area where they grow the tea is a glaciated area so it has high rolling mountains. Very very lovely. After that we headed to the nearby sea side town of Yulpo. The beaches were not really opened but they have a jimjilbang there that has a tea bath. So for 5,000 won we had a very nice relaxing evening. Then a dinner of bibimbap and we caught a taxi back to where we were staying.

Day two we decided that we wanted to go see some place where they had found some dinosaur eggs. When we asked someone to call us a taxi they tried desperatly to get us not to go there; "Not beautiful!!" but we were determined and finally got to where we wanted to go. There was not much to see there as the area is apparently still being tourist-ified but it was indeed beautiful and we got some great pictures. However, the actual dinosaur part was kind of...nothing. Then we took a taxi to an area that had a waterfall. Getting to the waterfall required a hike but it was totally worth it as you might can see from the pictures. After the waterfall we headed back to Yulpo for some shopping and to go to the jimjilbang again, and after several hours there headed back to our place.

The last morning we headed to the train and back to Seoul. It was quite a nice vacation.

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