Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I shall again forgo the apology.

Life has been kinda busy but not as busy I might think it is. I've been working mostly evenings which is nice but I am not the most motivated of people when it comes to getting things done in the mornings then going to work later. I spend too much time online usually. Incidentally, I work today at 4 and it is now 11:30 and I've only taken my shower and done my hair. I'm sitting here in my t-shirt just chilling. I've been up since 8. However, yesterday, I worked from 10-4 and was up at 7 and got my room cleaned before going to work. I came back and fixed some broken jewelry. More than I might get done today. Tho I am planning on tossing a load of laundry in the washer after I post. Ok....rambling done now. Even tho I do waste time I still am doing other things; last Saturday for instance my church had a free car wash in the morning and I was there until I had to go to work. I go to Rebecca and Bill's about every other week for dinner (and to see my cat), and on my days off I run errands and apply for jobs. And on occasion get together with people from church. Friday some of us are going out for Korean. Which is another thing I need to to....find a Korean restaurant for Friday.

Wow...I have a life! I find I enjoy having one. But I do miss Holly and Jessica and my students.

Speaking of Korea; it's inservice this week at SCS and I've been talking to Holly and Jessica when I or they can. They are busy. But "hearing" them talk via IM... I don't miss it. I'm not sad that I'm not there. I only would go to see my kids and to hang out with Holly and Jess. That's it. I don't miss feeling judged, or feeling like I'm not the "right" kind of Christian, or being looked at strangely because I do things differently or think differently than the prescribed manner. I can' wear my odd pants here and not get made fun of. I can have my terrible blond moments (I don't have them often but when I do I do them right) and not get mocked for them for the next week. I get mocked for a day and that's it (I really don't mind being made fun of, just find another joke, really) . I can talk to a guy as an equal.

There's a "movement" if you will where people my age who were raised "Fundamentalist" are leaving it's camps. Now, I don't get into all that, I'm not even sure what it is. I just know that for much of the last eight years (college and Korea) I've been in something that holds itself to be "Fundamentalist". Of course, I grew up in a "Fundamentalist" background, but it was so. very. different. Certain of the more visible nature who are amongst the more sane ones are wondering why people my age are leaving in droves. Sadly, the type of Fundyism I grew up in is hard to find so many people are leaving the more [can't think of a good adjective.... maybe stupid?] kind. People are tired of being told that they are not "good Christians" (not in so many words but really, that's what's going on) because they dress funny, have a "worldly" hairstyle, listen to the "wrong" music or do any number of things. I have so many friends who have left the movement because they are tired of it and want to be accepted on the merits of Christ and His work on the Cross and on what they do for the Kingdom and not based on things that just. don't. matter. For a while I too was wondering why they were leaving. But now that I am where I am (spiritually, physically, emotionally, in every way), I can see where those who are leaving are coming from. I'm not saying I'm leaving, I'm not saying I'm staying. As before mentioned, I'm not even sure what the point is. However, I do see both sides now. Quite clearly. And both have pros and cons. But is that whole "Fundamentalism" debate really worth it? It just causes Christians to fight and bicker amongst themselves.

Where was I going with this? I'm not really sure, I just know that now, I'm back in a similar type of situation I grew up in; I'm accepted for who I am, I am loved for who I am, I don't feel like I have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I am being "good". The focus is not outward anymore.

OKokok, enough of that. On to other things.

I'm still at the photo studio and really do enjoy it. I had a strong lead to work at the Macaroni Grill here but they said no as far as serving but they want me to call in September and they should have a hostessing job for me then. I'd love to get it; I worked at a Mac. Grill in high school and really loved it. I was a hostess/singer and that's what they are interested in having me do at the one here. I am looking for other jobs too tho, you never know what God has. I'm also beginning to look for places to live. I've found one that might work but I really would need that second job. It's about 20 min from the mall where I am currently working and is less than $700/mo with most utilities included. It's still a tad expensive but I should be able to swing it. I'm going to keep looking for other places too. A roommate would really be ideal, I could maybe find a place and once everything is split have rent and stuff be about $500/mo. But roommates don't fall outta the sky. I have about a month tho so again; we'll see what God has in mind.

If/when I settle here I am planning on volunteering with the USO in the area. I've always had a love and respect for the men and women who serve and being able to serve them would be awesome. Eventually I'd love to even do a benefit concert for the USO. I was thinking about starting to plan for one for this year but since I'm still not completely sure I'll be settling here I decided to wait a bit. But if I'm here, next year for sure.

Ok, that's it for now. Laundry time!!

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