Saturday, August 01, 2009


So I'm not even going to apologize for not really posting lately cuz "real" posts are so few and far between I am starting to begin all of 'em with an apology so we'll just get right into it 'k?

Work is still pretty cool. I am still looking for other jobs (second job or a full time one) but so far nothing. My sales are going up and I feel like I'm getting better at the photography part too. I actually had my first repeat customer a while back. I had gotten some girls (two sisters and a friend) to come in so I could practice on them. They did not get anything then but the next day the friend came back with her mom and sister! She made them come from an hour away to get "real" pictures done. Then they spent about $400. Made me happy. I've had a few other good shoots and sales lately but none that come as immediately to mind. I did however do a shoot for a lady who was graduating from some random Bible College with a masters in Urban Ministry. We got to talking and she was so sweet! During the whole conversation she'd interject with "Praise Jesus" and "I call on Jesus power to be with you." (She was black). At the end (after I had told her my story of Korea and getting here etc.) she said "I wanna plant a seed and you have to let me ok?" I wasn't really sure what she was going to do and was half expecting her to give me a mustard seed or something. But she didn't; she gave me $120!! Made me cry. When I told her I could not accept it she insisted that I keep it. "This morning I was at the health club and it was just me and God and I asked Him to let me be a blessing to someone today. I almost did not come to get my pictures done but something told me to come and I think you are the answer to my prayer." Other people have been generous and given me money too (cheques in the mail etc). God's providing.

Another way God's provided is through housing. I had a place to stay through the end of the month of July (Rebecca had gotten married and her lease on her apartment was out at the end of the month she said I could stay there rent free!). I've been attending an church (more on them in a second) and a couple in the church knowing that I was looking for a place to live offered me a place to stay with them for the time being. Again, free. So I'll be living with the Kraays until about October. Sadly I can't have Mac with me as David Kraay is allergic to cats but Rebecca and Bill offered to take him, so again, God is providing. According to Rebecca he's made himself right at home. He knew Rebecca because of living with her that week or so before the wedding and knew her cats. Apparently he's starting to warm up to Bill.

Ok. Church. This church is so amazing it almost warrants a seperate post...but I shall just put it with this one and make this a nice long juicy post. (=

I've been going to Rebecca's church in Schaumberg. It's a PCA church and such a wonderful body of believers. I've not been to a church like this in ages. I'm pretty sure Shiloh (the church my family attended in Georgia) was like this but when you're a teen nothing much like this sticks ya know? I attended two churches in Greenville; one for three years and one for two and the preaching was good but that was it. Fourth in Minnesota is an interesting situation; it's huge and I've not even gone a years worth of Sundays. I'd go and stuff when I'm visiting my parents but never felt connected. When I got back from Korea and was trying to figure out what to do next no one was helpful beyond the very unhelpful "Praying for you" pat on the head and send me on my way. A lot of times I felt like people would talk to me out of "duty" if that makes any sense. Um, hello I've just moved back across the globe, and have no job. Prayer is nice but do you know of any job leads?

But this My first Sunday there I had a few people come up to me to tell me that they recognized me from Rebecca's Facebook and they had wanted to meet me. Then others would just come up to me and welcome me to the church and want to know how I got there and all sorts of things about me. One couple told me that most of the church would go out for lunch after the service and that they hoped that I would join them. Pretty sure in that one service I was made more welcome than I was in 3 weeks of attending my parents church in MN and Fourth knows me. Only like five people in this church had any idea of who I was yet they still made me feel loved and welcomed. The next week I was there again and was talking to the ones that I had met and mentioned that I had gotten the photography job. A man was walking by (whom I had not yet met) and said "Oh! You got that job! Good, I was praying for you!" Several were like "You need another job? I know [of these places that are] hiring." Others said that they were looking into different places for me to live (this was before the Kraays offered me a place). Over and over again this church has shown that they live their Christianity. They are not at all just "Sunday Christians". Their lives are overflowinf with Grace and they can't wait to share it. The preaching is good too tho I've yet to hear the Sr. Pastor (he's on Sabbatical until the begining of August.). The pastor I have heard is excellent, very expository which is what I'm used to from Dad. The sermon last week was so encouraging; out of Daniel 12 and how the tough times we'll go through have a reason and an end and how that as Chrisitans we don't need to worry when we do go through those tough times.

Ok....that's long enough for now. I gotta make dinner.

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