Monday, February 11, 2008

Breaking News!

The most signifigant national treasure of Korea burnt down last night. The teachers were there at the beginning of the school year.

August 2007

Explaination of the gate:
"This was the main gate in the fortress wall of Seoul. It is also called Namdaemun (Great South Gate) as it is the southern gate of the capital city. It was first constructed in 1398 and was rebuilt in 1448.

The gatehouse which measures 5 kan (a kan is the interval between pillars) in width and 2 kan in depth is a wooden structure built in typical style. It is the largest city gate in Korea. There are some conflicting theories about the authour of the characters on the plaque hanging from the gate, but it is recorded in an old text called Jibongyuseol (1634) that they were written by Prince Yangnyeong.

The painted wooden ceiling.

February 2008

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