Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life of late

Again with the forgetting...

First off my health: I'm fine now. No I did not return to the Dr. (in part because of my cold) but I can tell I'm doing better. I upped my bedtime by one hour and it's amazing what that one hour does for me.

Kids: Danny was here yesterday. He is a new Danny. Formerly there was a defensive hardness to him, even with me, but yesterday there was a calmness and a softness to him that I had never seen. Thank you for praying for him and please keep it up! He will be allowed to return in the fall.
There is a possibility that another kid will be kicked out. John has a tendency to just up and leave school and yesterday was the 4th time he did it. He and his parents are meeting with the Johnsons today and we will see what happens, but I know that Dr. Johnson is not too inclined to allow him to return.

Future job: I have made the decision to stay for another year. I think it's what God wants me to do and I do love my opportunity to minister. My heart is with these kids and I want to be able to continue to show them Christ through me. It is looking like I'll teach part-time (Science again) and do library stuff the rest of the time. I'll keep you updated as I know more.

Other: It's looking like my camera is going to be more expensive to fix than it was to buy so I think I'm going camera shopping this weekend. I'm kinda miffed as I went camera shopping less than a year ago and spent almost $300. But I'd say I got my moneys worth with that thing. My computer and I are also in a fight but thanks to Tim Kauffman at CBTS, I do believe I'm winning. But I won't know for sure for a few more hours.


muzz said...

oh wow!!! Know the Lord will continue to use you!!!
Trust you find a great camera!

whatSNUinlife said...

So how do you feel about not doing the guidance counselor thing? That would've been great! Are you going to do Passport Reading too?