Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Pray for Danny"

It's Wednesday and Danny is not here. Monday and Tuesday were rough days. Mylinda caught the 11th graders cheating on Chemistry. They had been cheating since chapter 4 (they just finished chapter 13). As she was investigating it came out that Danny was at the root of the cheating. When Mylinda confronted him about it he lied. Several times. Eventually the whole story came out and the verdict is that everyone gets failing grades and has to retake the class. Danny has been expelled.

I am very sad and am going to miss Danny very much. But I am also happy. I can see that Danny is allowing God to use this in his life. He does not seem angry or bitter. When I spoke to him he said that he deserved any punishment that the school was going to give him. Last night he called me. He was crying so hard I could barely understand him. He was calling to thank me for loving him. I prayed with him on the phone and talked to him some more about letting God use this in his life. He told me that he is thankful that he got caught and that he knows that God loves him.

Rocky and Danny are best friends. Danny is not always kind to Rocky but Rocky puts up with it. Today Rocky cried through most of Newspaper. I asked him if there was anything I could do for him besudes pray for him and he said "Pray for Danny." I had managed not to cry until then. It still makes me choke up. Rocky could be very angry at Danny right now yet he is not, he is very concerned for him. Rocky is having a hard time understanding why Danny was kicked out and not everyone.

So please pray for Danny and Rocky. And for Danny's parents. Danny is heartbroken about everything and said that he has never caused his parents so much dissapointment. He asked me to pray for them and I am passing that on. Danny has my phone number and email. I hope we can stay in contact and that I can still help him with things he might need.

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muzz said...

So thankful God is using you - we are praying...