Friday, April 25, 2008

Sick hearts and other things

Some of you might remember from last year that my dad was in the hospital with heart problems. Well he went in again on Wednesday. He has a weak heart muscle that beats to fast. First they have to get the heart rate down then they have to decide what to do with the heart (at least thats the impression I'm getting). So please pray for him.

I told my Earth Science class about it yesterday and one of the boys (John C) instantly said, "Okl, I will pray. I will pray right now." And he did! He got the class to be quiet (which in and of itself is a feat) and prayed aloud for my dad and family!! He's such a sweet kid. Made me want to cry.

I had to go the the Dr. this week for allergy stuff and while there he took my blood pressure. It's still high though much lower than it was in Feb. He still wants me to go on meds. I'm going to call a Dr. friend in the States this weekend and see what he says. If I can continue to get it down I am going to skip the meds (I've lost about 20 lbs since the beginning of the school year, about 15 of those have actually been since January).

Rocky and Henry got into a fight yesterday after school. Horseplay that went to far. The Art teacher was trying to get them to stop (they had been pulled apart but that was about it) but they were not listening to her. I had to step in and literally drag one of them out of the room. I'm glad no one was hurt. Rocky apologized to me first thing this morning. I have not yet seen Henry so don't know his state.

I'm hungry and am going to go looking for food.

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