Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So it's 12:30 am and I have to be at school early tomorrow but I'm not sleepy. Tired, yes, sleepy no. So I might as well do something which leads me to telling you all about my weekend. Which I'm sure you are soooooooo interested in.

Saturday was the greatest day ever. I didn't do a blessed thing. Well, not until 8 pm. I first woke up at 8ish, did whatever internet stuff for about an hour then went back to bed. Until noon. Up again, more internet putzing then back to bed for another hour or two. Then up again, watched some CSI:NY and finally decided to get some work done. I had had a ginormous desk in my apartment that finally had been removed the day before. So I rearranged some furniture and got the last two chairs that were at my place from last year. I had not had the room for them. When you put the chairs side by side you get a very teeny couch. But it's more couch than I've had all year so hey, I'm not complaining. Now my apartment's just about how I want it. And here it is March.

Sunday was Sunday; church and all. After church Jess, Holly and Jen (a teacher from another school) went to dinner and then to Shillim, one subway stop down where they had opened a new mall. This mall and I are going to be good friends; it has a Bandi and Lunis (similar to Barnes and Noble's). The English section is not as good as the one at COEX (the mall 10 stops down) but it's still an English section and bad for my wallet. After the mall Holly Jess and I went to Express Bus Terminal where they have a ginormous underground shopping area. I did not get much; just an orange skirt but Jessica and Holly came away with several bags. Dinner was at Outback then home.

Today was another rather lazy day. I had intended to work all day and had a nice list to accomplish but ended up doing for most of the morning. But in the end I did get much done, including putting away winter clothing and pulling out warm weather clothing. In the process I got rid of 3 large shopping bags of stuff that was either unused or too big. This included much of my winter stuff. I'm going to need to replace it this summer if at all possible. Hopefully the second hand stores will still have some winter things. If not I ought to have enough here to last me but my choices will be limited. If I lose more weight they'll really be limited. Unless I can find stuff here that fits which is becoming a possibility now. I had to run down to Shillim for something and somehow (no idea, really) ended up at Bandi and Lunis. I found a very interesting book about the reconciliation of God and Science by the man who headed up the Human Genome Project. Right now I can recall neither name of book or man. But it looks good. I'll tell you more after I read it.

Ok, time to try for bed again; it's 12:50....

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