Friday, September 11, 2009


I thought about posting this as "It's a small world after all" but I think we are past that. I leave it for you to decide.

So a few weeks back a new girl was hired at the photo studio. While she was in the process of being hired (they were having her do a shoot) it was found out that she had spent time in Canada. We did the whole "Cool! Where?" thing and discovered that we had both lived in the same town but did not make much of it because it had been some time back for both of us and she had mentioned that she had not lived there for too long, nor did we really have time to dig deeper.

Until today.

It started when we were talking about college and it was discovered that she knew someone who had gone to BJU and I knew the girl too (more as a passing acquaintance). That's the "it's a small world" part.


From there we decided to dig unto out Canadian past. The conversation went something like this (I am taking a few liberties in the process);

Me: "How old were you when you were in Canada?"

Jen: "Ummm....5th grade."

Me: "Where did you go to school? [starts naming some of the schools finally naming.....]...Prince Andrew?"

Jen: "Yeh! Prince Andrew!"

Me: "Me too!!"

[insert look of "crazy!"]

Me: "When were you born?"

Jen: "'86"

[Some quick mental math reveals that she and I were at Prince Andrew at the same time, only when she was in grade 5 I was in grade 8].

Me: "Thats so funny!! Where did you live?"

Jen: I dunno, a subdivision with a big park in the middle of it."

Me: "Me too!!"

[insert another look, then I google my old neighborhood]

Me: "I lived here. In Heritage Park."

Jen: "I lived here! [points to the main street of the same subdivision.] And my pastor lived [points to my street].

[another look]

Me: Where'd you go to church?"

Jen: "I can't remember, but the pastors son had something wrong with him."

Me: "My little brother is in a wheelchair."

[another look]

Me: "Emmanuel Baptist Church?"

Jen: "I can't remember."

There was a little more conversation where both of us were like..."Ummm...woa." Then I had to leave, as I did I called my mum and told her about Jen. I told her what I had learned and mum remembered them, as did Dad when I called him.

So, yeh, I work with a girl who went to church with me in Canada for eight months more than ten years ago.

Some say coincidence; I say God. Either way: "Woa."

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